• Our Location

  • Our hunting area, headquartered at Kreycik Riverview Elk Ranch, consists of densely covered hills and canyons along the Niobrara River Valley in northeastern Nebraska. The nearest airports are Sioux City, IA; Sioux Falls, SD; and Omaha, NE.

    Our property lies along the Niobrara River, which is one of the top ten rivers for canoeing and is extremely scenic. Just to the north of us (about 4 miles) is the Missouri River which seperates us from South Dakota. Lewis and Clark traveled along the Missouri as they journeyed west. Nearly all the tourists and hunters tell us that this is the most beautiful and scenic area in Nebraska. Some have even said they like it better than going to the Black Hills in South Dakota!

  • As ranches increased in size to over 4,000 acres by the end of the 1900's, population steadily declined, with 1990 census counts lower than those of 1890. In some respects, the area is returning to its frontier phase as sparsely populated rangeland.

    We have everything from rolling hills to trees, rivers and lakes along with several kinds of wildlife. With rivers on both sides of us it makes it an extremely scenic area and makes for great hunting and fishing. There are a lot of duck, goose, deer, turkey and pheasant hunting in the area as well. We have a great pheasant shooting preserve 3 miles from us, so if you want, you can hunt elk and buffalo then go over and shoot pheasants all in the same hunting trip. 

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